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Giving to MCS

There are many ways you can make donations to Miami Christian.

  • Easy guide to supporting MCS
  • Donate through PayPal
  • Donate through Good Search and Good Shop
  • Donate to End of Year Awards
  • Miami Christian School has registered as a non-profit on the “Good Search – Good Shop” website located at If you make Good Search your default search engine on your computer, the school will receive one cent for every search you do on their site. What an easy way for the MCS family to raise money for the school every time one of us searches online. You can register by going to and choosing Miami Christian as your non-profit charity. The site will give you a form to fill out and will send you a confirmation link to the email address you list. Once you click on that link, you can make good search your default search engine and search away, raising money for MCS.
  • Good Shop has partnered with numerous online stores including: Best Buy, Apple, Kohls, PetSmart, Lowes, J C Penney, Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap, Old Navy, Sears, Nike, Macy’s, J Crew, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Dell, Microsoft, etc., and each time a purchase is made from a store through their site, that store will return a percentage (ranging from 1% to 6% depending on the store) to Miami Christian as well. The online stores offer coupons as well to make your purchases more affordable.
  • Sign up today and give to MCS the easy way!!!